What Kind of a Wedding Ring You Can Choose

Are you busy planning your big day? But don’t forget to take a moment to think about the important jewel that you will carry on your finger for the rest of your home life: your wedding ring. Bridal Consultant and Jewelry Artist, gives you some tips.  Keep in mind a period of two months for a tailor-made service and personal guidance. In addition, it asks for a month before the wedding, the Wedding Rings are just to get fit. If it turns out that a final adjustment needs to be made, this is still well within time. The perfect period is in February, with Valentine’s Day ahead; this is very romantic to take time together as a couple. At jewelry stores you can already enjoy a lot of nice benefits.

To “Pinterest” or not

You often see them appear on Pinterest and on other social media: the very latest trends. Opulent art deco rings are hotter than ever. But remember that your wedding ring is not a fashion object. You would prefer to be smitten with your ring throughout your marriage. So choose a model that you will still like in 30.  Most bridal couples still opt for traditional and timeless models. Women often combine their engagement ring with an alliance, which is a wedding ring set with diamonds. The Wed-fit collection of house has previously been designed. Men then opt for a more sober model.

Matching rings?

A few years ago it was a tradition for bridal couples to buy wedding rings together that matched perfectly. Small details made a tiny difference between the men’s and women’s rings. Today this is no longer a must. Rather choose something that suits your own personality, because after all, it is you who will have to wear it afterwards. It may be a completely different model, but the connection between the two rings is in one way or another reflected in the colors, the motifs or the text that is engraved in it.

Do you still want a link between the men’s ring and the women’s ring, but do you still want a very feminine and playful look? Then you can opt for the new and unique wedding ring concept.

Every day use

Who you are and what you do in daily life has a major influence on the choice of your wedding ring. Do you wish to wear your wedding ring every day? Then it is best to choose a durable and wear-resistant material, such as gold or platinum.

Comfort please!

Since you will wear your wedding ring all your life, wearing comfort is not an unnecessary luxury. When fitting, pay attention to a number of important things within the degree of finish: If you choose a sleek model, you will feel this between your fingers more than a rounded model. Is the ring too tight or is it hanging a bit too loose around your finger? Does it feel painful in some way? Ask the expert for advice!


By orienting yourself via the internet and, for example, by visiting a number of jewelers, you will know what kind of rings there are. You can often quickly determine which type of ring is and which is not. You can photograph the rings that you like; it is also good to try on a number of rings to see how they look on you and your partner. Orientation is best done together. There are a number of things you can keep in mind when you orient yourself.

The size of the ring: one prefers a narrow ring, the other prefers something wider.

The precious metal: are you a type of gold or more of a silver lover? Later in the article, we’ll go into this a little bit more deeply.

Finish: do you want smooth rings or rings with a motif?

Stones: Stones can give rings that little bit extra. Think, for example, of a zirconia, brilliant or gemstone.

The setting of the stones: next to each other, underneath each other, in a triangle, sunk into the ring, in a box on top, anything is possible.

Since wedding rings represent the connection between you and your partner, it is common to choose a set of rings that are almost identical to each other. Often there is a stone in the women’s ring and not in the men’s ring. If your taste and the taste of your partner are completely different, you can of course also choose two different rings.

Combination with Current Jewelry

Do you like to wear jewelry and do you want to keep wearing it? Then match your wedding ring to this. Whether it concerns other rings or earrings, a watch and bracelets, it is most beautiful when the jewelry matches. This choice is very personal and the possibilities are endless. So think carefully about this in advance. You can also read more about this in advance. Gaining inspiration from Pinterest, for example, is also good advice. Also think about what you want to do with the engagement ring. Will you take it off after the wedding day, or would you like to continue wearing it together with the wedding ring?

Color Wedding Ring

You and your partner can also be guided by the color of the metal. If you like yellow gold best or only wear yellow gold jewelry, a yellow gold wedding ring is the most logical choice. If you prefer to wear jewelry with a silver color, you can choose from several metals. Silver of course but also steel, titanium and white gold is a good choice.

If your jewelry is a combination of these colors, a bicolor ring is also beautiful. As the name suggests, this is a two-tone ring. The combination of white and yellow gold is a very beautiful one, but white and rose gold is also beautiful. The combination of yellow and rose gold is often less beautiful.

Prevention is better than cure

Last but not least: be kind to your ring after saying yes. It is normal for you to get small scratches on the ring over the years or to lose a stone. So prevent rather than cure: go for a complete check every year: polish out scratches, recondition if necessary, and check all settings very well and strengthen where necessary.