How to Survive Your Latest K-drama Binge

Are you ready to finish another k-drama? If you’ve recently watched the finale of one, you’re probably still reeling from the pain and relieving your favorite moments. But, rest assured, you’ll be on your way to watching another one soon. K-dramas are just so addictive and they’re hard to quit.

They’re also hard to survive because they give you frustrating moments to remember (and rant about). Here’s how you can survive another binge and enjoy the experience:

Invite a Friend


Now, you might think you’d rather watch the drama alone so that no one can disturb your binge, but think about this: you and your friend pausing the scene to discuss what just happened, and collectively yelling if it’s a particularly good scene. You may even share some of the popcorn between you two so that you’re not consuming all those calories.






Watch at Night

You don’t want k-dramas ruling over your life, but they can easily do that if you’re not careful about your time management. Missed meetings and sleepless nights are very real problems. And then, of course, there are those moments when you just can’t hide the puffy eyes as a result of crying over your favorite pairing not ending up together. Watching at night, especially while you’re doing skincare, helps you manage your time more efficiently and make sure you’re not just glued to the screen without accomplishing anything. This way, you’re still taking care of yourself, as you can buy your essentials such as face masks online, and even wear them while you’re watching. You can also easily complete the other steps of your skincare process with very little need to keep your eyes off the screen (we have to read with subtitles, after all). Because you’re starting earlier during your skincare regimen, you can also go to bed earlier without having to watch less.

Pace Yourself

Yes, it’s hard to stop watching when the cliffhangers per episode are just so good. However, you can still pace yourself out by going for variety between dramas. After watching a heartbreaking tragedy, go with a more lighthearted romance. Then circle back to the sad stuff. There is plenty of variety in dramas, you will find something to watch depending on your mood, for sure. This is also a great way to discover new actors and storylines so that you don’t feel like everything you’re watching has blended together plot-wise.

Get Comfortable

It will be easier to enjoy your drama when you know you’re in a comfortable environment. This means the lights do not hurt your eyes, and your arms, legs, and back will not hurt you anytime soon. You also want the room temperature to be just right. You’ll also want your snacks nearby, but don’t lay them all out in front of you. This is your cue to eat slowly and to take breaks in between. You might be watching an engaging drama, but you still need to stand up every so often to rest your eyes and keep your blood flowing.

With so many things happening in the world, it’s no wonder you want to just binge-watch your favorite drama. But while you do, make sure you’re still in a cozy and comfortable place.