3 Facts About Walk on Water Air Max 97 

Walk on Water Air Max 97 “Jesus Shoes” is a limited-edition customized filled with holy water designed by MSCHF studio in Brooklyn and INRI. With the unique Air Max 97, you can walk on water. How is that possible? Let’s find out!

Before that, check out the fascinating features of Walk on Water Air Max 97 ​and see how it allows you to walk on water. Moreover, learn the three essential facts about these sneakers that will surely give you awe.

It has holy water from the Jordan River.

‘Jesus shoes’ is a phrase that means ‘Jesus shoes.’ The sneakers use the famous NIKE silhouette to study themes of commitment in both religion and commercial items, with a slightly tongue-in-cheek approach. MSCHF uses a simple but timeless concept: walking on water. The hollow air max soles popularized by Nike provided the ideal opportunity to do so.

With each stride, the design injects 60cc of holy water into the bubble of an air max sole, allowing wearers to literally “walk on water.” What is more intersting? The soles come with 60cc of holy water initially sourced from the Jordan River and then blessed.

In this case, the wearer literally “walks on water,” a.k.a Walk on Water Air Max 97 with each step. In addition, a little color has been added for style and visibility. So, the fluid’s motion gives a visual counterpoint to the movement of the shoe.

It represents a steel crucifix overlay.

The laces have a steel crucifix accent that may be worn on or off. It is in gold accents, making it very appealing on top of the laces. It is just in small size, so it does not overpower the whole white kick.

Additionally, the insoles are made of 100 percent wool and are infused with frankincense, one of the three gifts sent by the wise men on the occasion of Jesus’ birth. Finally, the insoles’ brilliant red color nods to the pope’s characteristic bright red shoes.

It has a Bible inscription on the side toe. 

Inscriptions of (Matthew 14:25) in which Jesus is initially shown as “walking on the sea,” as well as the initials INRI (Jesus Lazarus rex sudatorium) etched on the crucifixion, are among the additional details. It is possible to style the crucifix accent on or off.

Should you buy Walk on Water Air Max 97? 

The cult nature of streetwear brand loyalty and the church’s aesthetic and rich sartorial traditions are explored in Jesus’ shoes. Indeed, Christianity’s long-lasting, deep symbolism feels like the most profound fulfillment of what every logo-centric streetwear company aspires to in many ways. Through this, the Walk on Water Air Max 97 incorporates several theological allusions into a basic NIKE air max shape.

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