The Difference Between King Size, Super King Size, Queen & Single Bedsheets

Suppose you’ve ever tried shopping bedsheets online or even at your offline bedding shop. In that case, you must have faced the tension budding on your forehead as you’re asked the size of the mattress for which you’re shopping for a sheet. We often overlook the size and measurement while shopping and end up with the wrong size bedsheet.

The hassle of exchanging and returning your sheets can be a headache and cause frustration. We often say the standard-sized sheets are fine or the queen-size. But what is the standard size of sheets?

To help you with such issues, we are here with the correct bed sheet size chart India. Here is the ultimate guide to the bedding size chart by Portico India.

1.  Single Size Bedsheet

You’ll come across this kind in a house where there are two siblings. We all have grown up seeing the twin size bed and must have slept on it at one point of our life. It is also called as the single bed or twin bed. The standard measurement for a single bedsheet size is 60 x 88 inches or 152 x 224 cms.

You can create a standard king size bed if you attach two of them, side by side. You can create a King size feel for a fraction of the cost.

2.  Double Bed Sheet Size

Double bed or full-size beds are a transition from single to double bed size. Either one person or two people can sleep on this bed. It measures 88 x 100 inches or 224 X 254 cms.

You’ll come across a variety of prints and patterns in this. Single bedsheets are mainly suited for kids or bachelors. When it comes to a double bed, the prints are more mature, for example, floral or geometric prints. They might not appeal to toddlers or kids.

Be careful of the thickness of these bedsheets while shopping. Many mattresses that are larger than twin have added pillow tops, making them thicker than average.

3.  King Size Bedsheet

As it goes by the name, king-sized beds are the largest of all. They measure 90 x 108 in or 229 X 274 cms. They’re also referred to as the ‘Eastern King’. You’ll come across variations in this like the California king bedsheet or the Western King bed.

Even here, you’ll come across a range of patterns and prints and won’t have any issues looking for them. You’ll often come across these beds in hotel suites and honeymoon rooms. They’re also expensive, so make sure you take care of them.


4.  Super King Size Bedsheet

This is a variation of the above mentioned ‘King Size’ bedsheet. It is a few inches more than usual. In India, super king bed sheets are measured 108 x 108 in or 274 X 274 cms. It’s almost square-like and is required in larger than average bedrooms. You’ll come across these in expensive and 5-star hotels.

In different places, these sizes are called with different names. Hence, it is important to know and check the measurements of each and not just their names. You can shop for your choice of bedsheets from Portico India. They provide 100% cotton bedsheets and other bedding materials. Even if you mess up with the sizes, the return and exchange policy of Portico is hassle-free.