Summer Suits from Ounass KSA

The thought of wearing a suit in the summer season doesn’t go together. However, with several events to attend such as formal dinners, official meetings, and going to the wedding, wearing a suit to look presentable is a must, but the thought of feeling hot and suffocating in a suit is already troubling. This Ounass KSA online store is where the summer suits are available of your choice. Ounass has a great collection of summer suits from some of the best brands such as Fendi, Anine Bing, Stella McCartney, and many more. Though these suits can be a little on the expensive side however with the use of Ounass promo code you can get a good discount on your purchase.

The Fabric

The perfect summer suit looks feminine, doesn’t feel heavy on the body, they should be light wear. For summer, ditch all the dark colors and opt for light color instead. Stay away from suits made with the material of wool, polyester, and thick cotton and opt for suits made with linen or light cotton. You can opt for any material which has breathable fabric. In case you are a person who loves wearing woolen based suits only, then for summer suits, you can select light weave wool with 100 count thread. The summer suits available at Ounass are made with light material which makes it the perfect formal wear for the hot season. Ounass promo code can also help you in getting a good discount.

The Style

When it comes to the style of your summer suit, we usually consider the single and double-breasted suits as the winter suit style; however, they can look good in the summer suit style as well. Even a three-piece suit can look good in the summer suit collection. This is because whenever you feel hot, you can always take off the coat while the vest will give you a polished formal look to the entire attire. The vest also looks good when worn with sleeveless formal shirt inside. Ounass has some good looking three-piece feminine summer suits at a reasonable rate when you purchase it with the Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger.

The Color

Selecting the color for your summer suit is very important. At Ounass KSA this selection has been made easier since only summer-friendly colors are available on the website. The best colors to shop from are grey, tan, beige, white, camel brown or navy blue. You can also select light-colored shirts from Ounass to wear as an inner for your summer suit. With the use of the Ounass promo code, you can get these shirts at a reasonable price after shopping for your summer suit.

Styling your Summer Suit

There are many ways you can style your summer suit. For example, you can opt for a linen-textured summer suit from Ounass in the color of white and you can pair it with a blue-colored shirt. You can also add in a dark brown leather belt to your suit pant from Ounass which can also be a perfect accessory. Ounass promo code can help you in getting this accessory at a good rate.