Similarity In Lab Grown Diamond Vs Mined Diamonds

This article mainly deals with the similarities of Lab grown diamond vs mined diamonds. Many people argue that the lab grown diamonds are not real and are very different from the mined diamonds. However, it is not fully true. They do differ from each other in terms of originality, cost, Ethical values, and beginning, yet they are also very similar to each other in aspects of grading, certification, and transformation. This article will help the customers to make a wise decision regarding the purchase of their favorite diamond jewelry.

The grading

The first point in the article on Lab grown diamond vs mined diamonds is its grading. Both the lab grown diamonds as well as the mined diamonds are graded in the same manner. They are mainly graded based upon the 4c’s which include color, clarity, cut, and carat.  The process, in which the diamonds are graded, was first introduced by Robert M. Shipley. He also founded the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This process became so famous that gemologists tend to use this grading system for grading all types of diamonds. This can be counted as a similarity between the lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds.

The certified

The second point in the article on Lab grown diamond vs mined diamonds is its certification. Both the diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The only difference is that the lab grown diamonds will be certified as lab grown so that people are able to understand that it is not a mined diamond. This helps both the seller as well as the customer to differentiate a lab grown diamond from a mined diamond. Once, they are able to understand the difference, it becomes much easier to make the final decision.

Ethical values

The third point on Lab grown diamond vs mined diamonds are the ethical values. The mined diamonds break many ethical values whereas the lab grown diamonds tend to maintain those ethical values. The first problem of a mined diamond is that it causes grave effects on the earth when it is being mined for fulfilling the greed of mankind for diamonds. On the other hand, the lab grown diamonds are created in laboratories that don’t cause any negative effect on mother Earth. Another negative effect of mined diamonds is that it is hazardous for the health of the miners as they are required to dig deep down into the Earth.


The fourth point is the transformation of the diamonds. Both the mined as well as the lab grown diamonds transform in the same process. This is another similarity in the Lab grown diamond vs mined diamonds topic. Apart from that both are available in rough form in the initial stage and undergo a lot of changes only to become ready for sell in the market. The gemologists study the diamonds and they give them the shape and size. That is then given to the retailers so that it is available to the customers for use.