Everything You Need To Know About African Dresses For Women

African dresses are available in bright colors and embroideries, besides a rich fabric that can be paired with beaded necklaces or bracelets. Different African dresses for women come in different forms, and these designs are gaining a lot of prominence in the fashion industry globally. As Africa is a vast and diverse continent, the typical dress here differs throughout the country.

Ankara Styles

Ankara styles are one of the most prominent pieces of clothing, and it is made from 100% cotton with great colors and patterns. They are generally dyed using batik prints and can be styled for any event, whether you are going for a date night with your loved one or going to a wedding in the church.

Kente Styles

kente styles are a perfect blend of silk and cotton fabrics made from various interwoven strips. This form of clothing is prominent in Ghana and is one of the most prominent African attires people can see in movies. These types are available in different colors, sizes, and designs and are worn during some of the most prominent events like traditional engagement ceremonies or marriage ceremonies besides graduation ceremonies.

Dashiki Dress

Dashiki dress is one of the best colorful garments for women in Africa, mainly seen in the western parts of Africa. The best part is that men also wear these dresses. The unique part about the dressing here is that it covers only half of the body and has an informal or formal pattern. The variety available here is fantastic as it is simple clothing for some, and some can also go for customized clothing.

Iro Ati Buba

These dresses are mainly prominent among the women of Nigeria, and the original version of the dress mainly has five pieces. Iron is a large wrapper that is tied around the waist. At the same time, a loose blouse is worn on the upper body. Nigerian women wear a head tie known as gentle and are famous for its globally.


If you are looking for cheap wholesale clothing, then you need to look no further, as you can choose Boubou as your go-to outfit. It is a stylish yet classic outfit worn by people all over Africa, both men, and women. The outfit has more than 300 centimeters long fabric which goes to the ankle. Typically designers make the outfit by folding the fabric in half and cutting out the neck opening. The neck is generally round and significant for women, while men wear it in a long, V-neck-shaped neck outfit.


Kanzu is white or cream traditional African attire worn by only men of Africa, and it is prominent in Ethiopians and Tanzanians. Men wear this outfit to their festivals and weddings, giving them perfect articulation and authority.

These are some famous African outfits that you should know about.