7 Fashion Trends That You Need To Slay This Summer

With all the weirdness of working from home, the sense of fashion is lost somewhere. Fashion is inevitable, and hard to forget. The fashion inspiration in the past used to come from fashion shows. But, now a large part of it comes from social media, it is the fashion influences that have become mentors for people. These trends and clothing pieces are available online like wholesale boutique clothing. So here are some trends and clothing items you will love that is made famous by social media.

1.        Oversized Bomber Jacket

This clothing piece can be styled in multiple ways, like casual attire for a day out. Bomber jackets have been styled by models like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner.

2.        Casual Trench

Nobody does a street style look like Hailey Bieber, and lately, she’s been into Trench coats, which has made us all wonder about the styling. It can be styled with so many things shorts, jeans, pants, skirts, etc. A trench is something in which everyone should invest their money.

3.        Color Blocking

Color blocking is a new concept and not everyone is here for it, it’s a bit out there in style. In color blocking, colors that are opposite on the color wheel are paired together. The outfits of this trend can be easily found that too as cheap clothes online.

4.        Mid-Riff Flossing

The highlight of this trend is to show off the midriff/stomach area. Items like crop tops, crop shirts, tied tops, or tube tops are styles with bottom wear. It is the most famous for ties tied around the midriff area, which accentuates that particular area.

5.        Monochrome Outfits

The word monochromatic breaks into two parts that are, “mono” means single, and “chromatic” means single color. The monochromatic is widely loved all around the world and followed. In monochrome, the outfits would be of only one color.

6.        Pastel Hues

This color palette was so loved in 2020, and the trend is carried forward.

The most loved pastel colors are pink, purple, yellow, mint green, and dusty blue. These color can be easily seen in street styles and is adored by celebrities and models. Wholesale boutique clothing has different styles available in pastels

7.        Baggy Jeans

The pencil jeans were so much loved and now it is the baggy jeans which are loved by almost everyone. These jeans are oversized and loved back in the 90s and they made such a huge comeback.