Can You Give Flower Bouquets With Teddy To Your Friends?

Give Flower Bouquets

Giving gifts at every valentine’s day commemoration has become a tradition carried out by many people in various countries. Couples most often do the tradition of giving gifts, and usually, women will give gifts in the form of homemade chocolates to their partners and get a reply on White Day on March 14.

However, as time passes by, not only women can give Valentine’s gifts. Many men also give Valentine’s gifts to their girlfriends. Not only that, these gifts are also given not only to couples but also to friends, family, and loved ones.

Can You Give Flower Bouquets With Teddy To Your Friends? Of Course, You Can!


One of the best options for giving gifts to friends is a hand bouquet with a teddy. Why? Teddy bear or teddy bear has the meaning of a warm hug. Well, this teddy bear can also be the embodiment of the courage of him who wants to tell everyone that you are his. But even so, teddy bears are suitable when given to friends. It will mean that you want to provide warmth for them.

Currently, there are new creations in the form of hand bouquets resulting from a blend of flowers and teddy. You can choose a teddy in a small size. Then add some flowers and arrange them into a hand bouquet of hands.

Here’s an example of a hand bouquet combination with a teddy.

Lily Bouquet With A Teddy

Lily Bouquet

Peruvian or Alstroemeria lily symbolizes friendship and devotion, white Lily symbolizes sympathy, Pink Lily or pink lily symbolizes wealth and prosperity, and Valley Lily symbolizes humility. During Victorian times, everyone used flowers to express feelings that could not be expressed or spoken. Nowadays, lily remains a favorite choice for brides who like the soft white color that can be interpreted as a new life in chastity.

The right choice if you want to give lily gifts to your friends or spouse. The beauty of lily flowers has been famous for a long time. In addition to the beautiful flowers, the fragrant aroma of flowers makes lilies more preferred.

The combination of the lily bouquet with the teddy is good. You can also see more references from FlowerAdvisor’s website.

Bouquet Of Roses With TeddyRoses

Roses are a type of flower that is often given to loved ones as a symbol of expression of feeling. Various colors of roses make it look more beautiful. But each color turns out to have a different meaning. Before giving roses to your loved ones, it’s a good idea to find out the meaning behind the color first to not misreform feelings. “Roses are the perfect embodiment of love, but the colors have a different meaning,” says florist Alfred Palomares.

The red rose symbolizes love and admiration. Red roses are often given as gifts for couples.

Yellow roses look bright and cheerful. This could be what makes yellow roses symbolize friendship.

Lavender roses are less common, so it isn’t easy to find. Lavender roses are usually given to express special love because they are beautiful and rare.

Roses have three different pink colors. They all symbolize gratitude, grace, and joy. Old pink roses can be given to friends to express gratitude and happiness for friendship.

Experts say the medium pink color is the most versatile because it is suitable for a variety of occasions. Medium pink roses can be given as expressions of love, gratitude, and even condolences.

Soft pink roses imply a message of appreciation, tenderness, and sympathy in a depressing atmosphere.

The meaning of roses is so wide it can certainly be the perfect choice especially combined with teddy.

Don’t choose a wrong teddy


It turns out that each teddy bear color has a different meaning of taste disclosure. Pink symbolizes compassion, nurturing, and love. It also shows eternal and unconditional love. The gift of a pink teddy bear shows that his affections are unfamiliar with the condition and will last forever.

Red is a symbol of true love, passion, romance, strength, power, and determination. The red teddy bear shows never-ending love and passion in the relationship.

The purple color symbolizes energy, power, luxury, and virtue. This type of color is also related to romance and love. The giving of a purple teddy bear shows hope to establish a relationship with the person.

Blue shows depth, intelligence, truth, loyalty, stability, and trust. By giving a blue teddy bear can express a sense of royalty and trust.

Green symbolizes harmony, growth, freshness, fertility, and natural beauty. The gift of a green teddy bear shows that there is an emotional connection between them in a true sense and pride in their relationship.

Brown symbolizes security, stability, strong support, and protection. Brown teddy bears are usually given after experiencing difficulties in their relationship.

Orange symbolizes joy, happiness, sunshine, creativity, charm, and enthusiasm. An orange teddy bear is believed to symbolize seriousness in the relationship and will be continued to a more serious level that is proposed.

Yellow symbolizes sunshine, energy, intellect, joy, and light. That sense of energy and happiness can be expressed by giving a yellow teddy bear.

White color is associated with purity, positive spirit, beauty, harmony, and simplicity. A white teddy bear can be given to a close friend to express pride in the person’s simplicity, positive spirit, and beauty.

Find more inspiration about hand bouquet from FlowerAdvisor’s website.