Advantages of Horse Jewellery 

Jewellery has a deep connection with spirituality and wellbeing all around the world. Different jewellery has different meanings. Horse jewellery has become very popular these days. People have been wearing horse jewellery for a long time in history. Some of the most popular jewellery based on horses is horseshoe rings and bracelets.

The horseshoe has become an iconic symbol for jewellery makers. It has various spiritual significances and has been known to improve health and wellbeing. Apart from horseshoe, there is other jewellery as well that have a direct linkage with horses. Horse jewellery doesn’t necessarily mean jewellery related to something worn by horses. It also refers to the shape of traditional horse symbols like a horseshoe.

Significance of horse jewellery in your life

The history of jewellery inspired by horse’s dates as back as the Middle Ages. Back in those days, iron was an auspicious metal. People believed that iron could help ward off devils and other bad spirits. Horseshoe is the most popular symbol for people wishing to wear or use horse jewellery. Apart from that, the horseshoe was used as an accessory. People fixed horseshoes on roofs and walls to keep the bad spirits away. 

Blacksmiths traditionally crafted horse jewellery as they had the skills required to work with iron. Fire and iron were the two most powerful elements back in those days. Thus, jewellery that was made like a horseshoe became extremely popular across the world. Today, you can find the traditional horseshoe in many places. Some people fix it on their front doors while others use it inside the house.

Here are some advantages of horse jewellery that will motivate you to use them in your life.


  • It brings good luck in your life.


Horseshoe is a powerful symbol that brings good luck. It is known to clear your path of evil spirits and always brings good fortune to you. You can wear horseshoe jewellery in the form of pendants. A pendant in the form of a horseshoe is effective. However, you must keep in mind that the two ends of the horseshoe should always point upward. Wearing them in the wrong way can lead to many problems. The metal can vary according to your birth symbols. But the most popular metal is iron.


  • Horse jewellery keeps the negative energy out of your life.


Negative energy can badly affect your mood and health. A house or environment having negative energy can have serious implications. Wearing horseshoe jewellery can cancel the negative energy and bring back a positive vibe into your space. Many people believe that keeping horseshoe jewellery with you at all-time can help you ward off negative energy. It will make your surroundings clean and healthy with positive energy. Even if circumstances bring in negative energy, the horseshoe jewellery can help you prevent that.


  • It will give you strength.


The horse is a symbol of strength and power. Wearing horseshoe jewellery can help you find power even when you are feeling weak. It will make you healthy and will also give you the power to achieve what you want. With the right energy and power, you can achieve anything you want in your life—traditional horseshoe jewellery I made from iron or other dark metal. You can even choose gold-plated ones to make it more effective. 


  • You will find more freedom of expression.


Horses are worshipped in several parts of the world. They are the symbol of freedom and exhilaration. Wearing horse jewellery will help you find freedom and express yourself better. People who find it difficult to express themselves should try wearing this type of jewellery. It will certainly help you if you follow all the rules and wear jewellery in the right manner. 


  • It boosts wisdom and knowledge.


Pegasus is a symbol of wisdom and intelligence. Wearing horse jewellery themed on Pegasus can bring intelligence to you. You will feel more knowledgeable and will have more wisdom. Many gods have the form of a horse. Traditional folklore describes the horse as a powerful and intelligent being. Rings and pendants having horse symbols will help you find your inner knowledge.


  • It signifies purity and loyalty.


Horseshoes are known to ward off evil spirits from home. Thus, they can make your spaces pure and blissful. You can wear them around your neck, hands, or fingers. When you wear them around the neck, make sure to keep the direction right. There should be no ends that point downwards. If they point downwards, you will face many bad consequences. Not wearing horse jewellery is better than wearing it in the wrong way. 

Horse jewellery can bring good fortune and happiness into your life. You can easily find such jewellery and wear them as pendants, rings, bracelets, amulets, or other forms. They will purify your surroundings and keep you safe from danger.