4 Ideas to Level up Your Accessory Collection

‘Accessories’ is just an umbrella term for a plethora of objects women can’t seem to live without. It could be a bag to hold all your essentials or a jewellery item your outfit is incomplete without. It could also be that one specific perfume that has now become your signature fragrance or it could be that infinity scarf that you tend to wear as an essential item wherever you go. And all these things are just a glimpse of what the simple term accessory holds for women.

If you’re someone who has just stepped foot into adulthood or just a lady trying to make time for your forsaken accessory collection then you’re at the right place. Because in this article we are going to name most of the necessary accessories, we women need for a trendy survival.

1- Watches & Jewelry

Of course, it is the first item on our list. Watches and jewellery are a must-have item not just for women but for men and kids as well. You need these items on your dressing table to complete your look. Most essential ornamental items are necklaces, earrings, studs, rings, bangles and timepieces. Additionally, you can get these products at super splendid discounts with the Tommy Hilfiger code utilized at the checkout. Some of our favourite picks are Gold Sub-Dials Sports Watch with White Silicone Strap, Carnation Gold Twist Necklace, and Gold Orb Earrings.

2- Fragrance & Sunglasses

The next item on this list is fragrances and sunglasses. Sunshades and stylish spectacles are very important in your routine life. They have multiple benefits like protecting your eyes from sun rays and also making you look chic. Furthermore, perfumes are vital for anywhere you go. The scent gives you a refreshing feeling and if good enough it stays in the memory of everyone for a long time. To suggest to you some of our favourite pieces in this category we’ll name Tommy Now Them 100ML Unisex Spray, Acrylic Frame Sunglasses, and Round Frame Tinted Lens Sunglasses.

3- Hats, Gloves and Scarves

All these three items might be reserved for colder weather but when needed of the style can be worn everywhere regardless of the weather. Beret hats and Panama hats are getting widely popular these days whereas cashmere and woollen scarves seem to be chosen by everyone. Gloves could be leather or laced depending on the season. Our most favourites of these items are TH Baker Boy Hat, Icons Wool Scarf, Minimalist Beret Cap, and Long Mesh Gloves.




4- Belts

Belts cannot only be used to tighten up your loose bottoms but also as a fashion accessory. You can use them to tie around your dresses to enhance the shape of your waist or as a bold fashion statement tangled up in your denim. Nowadays belts with different kinds of decorations like gemstones, diamantes, beads or shimmer are getting more common. Some of the picks for belts are the Oval Buckle Reversible Belt, Rhinestone Decor PU Belt, and Chain Decor Belt.