Guide to Washing a Comforter at Home.

According to facts, we spend one-third of our life in bed. But due to the lockdown, I’m sure we’ve spent at least three-fourth of our days in bed. All that Netflixing, eating, working from home, and chilling on the bed has increased. With the amount of time we spend on the bed, it’s high time we get our lazy selves up and think of cleaning our bedding sets.

Starting with the bed comforter, you can either wash it in the machine if you own one, or even hand wash it. It is very important to read instructions on the care guide or label to understand what works with your comforter and what doesn’t.

Washing your comforter is basic sanitation and keeps infectious diseases at bay by clearing all the bacterias, germs and viruses away. It is a good hygiene practice to wash your comforter twice-thrice a year.

Hence, a guide to washing your comforter is necessary. When you’re looking at buying comforters online, do not forget to check out Stellar Home. They have a wide range of high-quality sets which will promise you a good night’s sleep.

1.    Get Rid of the Stains

Whether it is the coffee stains of Monday mornings or red wine stains from Saturday nights, it is essential to remove them first before washing them. Use stains removers on that spot and either with a stain brush or with your fingers rub over the stain.

Use your finger to work it into the fabric (without rubbing the stain into the fabric too much). A simple home remedy includes cleaning them with a mix of baking soda and water for the stain solution. If there are any tearings or loose threads, make sure you stitch it back up, because thawing it in the machine can only cause further damage.

2.    Washer and Dryer Method

Wash your duvet quickly and simply by this method. Make sure you choose the right cycle first- keep it on woollens or delicate and only use cold water. Set the spin on either medium or low.

Be specific with the detergent too; the amount should be equivalent for the load and according to the machine type. Depending on the comforter fabric, choose the detergent accordingly.

While using the dryer, make sure your dryer is set on the low heat or low tumble cycle. It’s preferable for duvets and down comforters to add wool dryer balls or clean tennis balls to the dryer to fluff up the feathers and fill.

Shake the comforter once done to redistribute the feathers and filling of your comforter set. It’s important for the comforter to dry fully to prevent mildew.

3.    Hand-washing Method

Take a clean tub and hand-mix some water with soap to create a soapy solution. Leave the comforter in the soapy mixture for about 30 minutes before removing it and draining the sudsy water.

Now refill the tub with some clean, cold water and place the comforter with other remove any other soap suds hanging around. Roll your comforter to drain out the excess water.

If you can’t use a dryer, to dry your comforter or if it is of materials such as velvet, silk or cashmere, shake your comforter to make sure the feathers or filling aren’t clumping up before you hang it. Hang it on a drying rack or in your balcony where there’ll be abundant sunshine.

Now that you know how to care for your comforter, you are set to shop bedding sets online. Don’t forget to check out Stellar Home for their quality bed linens, cushion covers, as well as comforter sets.