The name of this Apple product is Apple Pencil 2nd generation

  1. When was this Apple Inc. product manufactured?

In the month of October 2019, it was announced by Apple that they would release the newer version of the Apple Pencil, the Apple Pencil generation 2.


  1. Why was this Apple Inc. product created?

– The Apple pencil generation 2 was created as a successor to the Apple pencil generation 1.

– It has much better features in comparison to that of the Apple (AAPL stock price) pencil generation 1


  1. What are the main features of this Apple Inc. product?

– The main features for this Apple pencil generation 2 are:

– It has wireless Bluetooth charging feature

– It has a detachable feature

– The flattening feature of the new Apple pencil generation 2 prevent the Apple pencil from falling.

– This Apple pencil compatible with only The Apple iPod quotes and iPad Air.


  1. Are there any newer or updated version of these Apple Inc. products? If yes, then, what are they?

– As of now, The Apple pencil 2nd generation continues to remain the most recent and advanced Apple pencil ever created.

– That is why there are minimal to no updates with regard to the Apple pencil 2nd generation.


  1. What all colours is this Apple Inc. product available in?

– Just like its predecessor Apple pencil generation 1, Apple pencil generation 2 also has no colour options for the user to opt to buy.

– There is only one colour for the Apple pencil 2nd generation, and it is the colour white.


  1. What is the purpose of buying or purchasing this Apple Inc. product?

– the modern features of this Apple pencil make it stand out from its predecessor.

– the flatter sides of the Apple pencil prevent it from rolling and falling on the floor

– The Apple Pencil also supports itself next to the iPad Pro or the iPad Air, through the means of a magnet attached on both The Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro and iPad Air.

– The recent Apple pencil has encouraged many students, artist UN designers new purchase the Apple pencil generation 2 because of how convenient it makes to operate the iPad Pro or iPad Air.


  1. What is the storage capacity of this Apple Inc. product?

– The storage capacity is 64 kb.


  1. Can I insert an SD card in this Apple Inc. product to expand the storage memory or capacity of this Apple Inc. product?

– The Apple pencil 2nd generation does not require it.

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