Which Flower Looks Good as a Birthday Gift?

Which Flower Looks Good as a Birthday Gift

Nowadays, Flowers are given as gifts on various occasions to communicate many different emotions. It could be given as an expression of gratitude, sympathy, wishes, love, and many more. Because of the wide variety of colours and types available, you may find a flower design for every occasion that is particular to the recipient. Flowers can be the perfect present for anyone who has welcomed a baby, celebrated a birthday, or even lost a loved one. Flowers have been used to communicate for hundreds of years. They are mentioned in Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Chinese tales and stories, but it was England’s Victorian Era of 1837-1901 that contributed significantly to the particular floral language. Modern people, like the Victorians, see flowers as having several meanings. Red carnations, for example, are thought to represent profound love, white carnations represent good luck, and yellow carnations, disappointment. Therefore, this article presents the many types of flowers that will work really well as birthday gifts. There are many elements to consider when deciding on a flower variety for a birthday gift. Meaning and symbolism are one of them, but of course, we can also take into account the favourite flower of the birthday person. Floral gifts are also really easy to be ordered for your loved ones, through services like flower delivery Singapore.

  1. Lily


Lilies come in various colours, shapes, and sizes, making them a popular choice for birthday gifts. There are 80-100 species of flowers that are considered lilies, and all of these species are members of the Lilium genus, which is part of the Liliaceae family. True lilies include daylilies, Easter lilies, and others. The six-petal segments of these species are shaped like a trumpet. Other lily species may have a different form from the conventional lily. However, any type of lilies in a floral arrangement would make an excellent birthday gift. A bouquet of lilies will definitely brighten someone on their birthday, as they also symbolize positivity and happiness. Lilies are associated with rebirth and motherhood according to the Greek tale of Hera and Zeus, making them an excellent birthday present for mothers. An arrangement of pink oriental lilies will represent your undying love and thanks for her. Yellow lilies can represent gratitude and a wish to be happy.

  1. Gerbera


The Gerbera belongs to the daisy family and was named after Traugott Gerber, a botanist and physician from the 18th century. Gerberas are known for their beautiful petals and daisy-like form. These vibrant and brilliant flowers will definitely brighten anyone’s day. Gerberas look fantastic in bouquets, but they can also look gorgeous by themselves. The flowers range from medium to huge in size. Gerberas come in a variety of colours, including orange, dark yellow, scarlet, pink, deep red, and more. The colour variety makes it easy to choose the birthday person’s favourite colour. They also make a great birthday gift for those who have their birthday in April, because Gerberas are the birth month flower for April. They are fantastic gifts for young girls because they represent happiness and innocence. For example, these flowers would be a wonderful present for the birthday of your adorable little cousin. Bright yellow gerbera signifies friendship and happiness, while orange gerbera is associated with warmth, enthusiasm, and energy.

  1. Orchids

Orchids are another flower with a wide range of types; in fact, there are an estimated 25,000-30,000 orchid species worldwide, with a third of them located in the tropics. Orchids are delicate, beautiful, exotic flowers that can stay in bloom for months. This flower is often associated with beauty, luxury, strength, wealth, and grace. They are also quite easy to care for, making them ideal as an indoor plant. They make fantastic birthday presents for the people in your life you want to thank the most, such as your mother or grandmother. It also works great as a gift for someone who loves exotic plants and gardening.


Since orchids were extremely rare and only found in the tropics during the Victorian era, Victorians regarded exotic orchids as a symbol of sophisticated taste and wealth. The rarer the orchid you gave as a present, the greater your love and enthusiasm for the recipient. On the other hand, in China, orchids are regarded as symbols of honesty, elegance, and friendliness. Friendship and new beginnings are represented by yellow orchids. They are perfect for congratulating a friend on a job well done. Purple orchids are usually given as a gesture of respect and represent nobility and admiration.

Flower arrangements are wonderful birthday gifts, but you can take it to the next level by writing a handwritten note to accompany the fresh flowers. Either it is the birthday of a friend, a significant other, or a family member, they would really appreciate a thoughtful birthday note and wishes. Do not worry if you do not have much time to plan, you can easily order your special gift online through services like birthday gift delivery Singapore.