When To Wear What? Maxi, Midi and Mini Dresses

We often get told to dress depending on our shape, size and colour. However, these are not the criteria that need to be considered while styling yourself. Whether it is a dress or a top, you must wear what you love. However, it is important to style them appropriately in order to prevent making a fool out of yourself. 

To help you out, we have curated a fashion guide on how to wear – maxi, midi and mini dresses. Keep on reading to chic up. 

These three types of dresses are named after the length they follow. Hence, to give you a clear idea, let’s first know what a maxi, midi, and mini dress are. 

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is typically a floor-length long dress for women or an ankle-length dress. These dresses are usually considered informal, and however, we feel if styled relevantly, they can be worn in a formal environment. 

Midi Dress

The expression midi in the world of fashion applies to any length, which is a few inches below the knees to above the ankles, i.e., halfway. Hence, the hem of a midi dress usually hits at the mid-calf, which is why the name midi dress. 

Mini Dress

The length of a mini dress is typically three to four inches above the knees, and the hemline is well above the knees. It is a very short dress and is perfect for summers and beaches. 


  • Maxi dresses are usually free-flowing and perfect for a casual outing. You have nothing to be worried about when wearing a maxi dress. No shaving and no waxing those legs at the end moment. Just slip it on, and you’re good to go. If you want to accentuate your casual look, throw on a scarf and wear a usual pair of slippers. 

To wear a maxi dress for a formal event, choose a skin-fitting maxi length dress. If it is for an evening party, you can buy a satin v-neck maxi length dress and wear some accessories on the neck. However, if it is for workspace, you could go for a turtleneck skin-fit maxi length skater dress and pair it with belles.

  • Midi dresses for women are extremely versatile and can be worn on any occasion, depending on the fabric. With the length of this dress, you can seamlessly wear it to your office, parks, parties, lunch, dinners and whatnot. You can tie a belt at your waist or layer it up with jackets during winters to accentuate it. Moreover, most footwear sync well with a midi dress. 
  • A mini dress has a very fun and whimsical vibe to it. They are a must for summers and can be paired with tights during winters. It can be worn from a bar to the beach in a blink. All you need to do is shift around your footwear and change your makeup. 

Owning one of each of these dresses is a must. To buy the best of these, head to Vero Moda. Happy Shopping!