The Long Legacy Of The Rolex Watches

Buying a Rolex watch is not only a choice made to satisfy the need to feel at the top, but it is also an investment. In addition to having a strong appeal, the Rolex brand is also one of all the Maisons that produce Haute Horlogerie models, which have the highest value. In addition, the Swiss Maison systematically increases the list price of new watches, which is in line with the market and increases their value with this commercial choice. In addition to being a prestigious and over-valued Maison, by systematically increasing list prices, Rolex makes its watches an excellent investment also because, at its sole discretion, it decides to block the delivery of new watches to retailers.

This means that on a hypothetical list made to choose between the different watch brands, Rolex and its more or less prestigious models cannot be missing.

Which Rolex To Choose?

Investing in a Rolex Watches (นาฬิกา Rolex, which is the term in Thai) is more accessible. This is because it is not risky to say that whatever model you choose can be considered an investment because it can preserve and increase its value over time. Other brands, albeit prestigious, have only in some models those that adapt to an investment market.

Which Rolexes Increase In Value?

As previously said, all the models of the Swiss house increase in value, but it is necessary to evaluate the individual watches, especially the models that have undergone expansions over time, from research and analyzing the brand and the models, it turns out that the most loved from the collectors are the sportsmen (Submarine, Gmt, Explorer, Daytona).

Over the years, the brand has highlighted these watches by tying them to actors, large companies, such as the request in the 50s by Pan-Am for a watch with a double-time zone giving birth to the GMT model or sports events.

Together with the constant marketing plans and price updates, including the policy of limited production of sports models, this policy made the lack of availability arousing further interest for the lovers of the crowned ones.

In doing so, it has significantly increased the prices of the timepieces requested, and consequently, the whole brand, being now a Leader, has benefited from it.

Where Is It Worth Buying A New Rolex?

A new Rolex should only be bought at authorized Rolex dealers, readily available on the parent company’s website here: Being a brand that cares about its brand’s value, it is impossible that it allows everyone to sell a new watch. Consequently, if the intention is to buy a new Rolex, it is good to find the nearest point of sale, choose the model you like best, and if available, pay for it and collect it; otherwise, you can place the order.