An Extensive List of Light Switches

Controlling the flow of electricity in your home is as simple as flipping a switch. They are ubiquitous, appearing on everything from lamps to wall sconces to electrical plugs. Many varieties of switches for use with electricity exist, each with its specific function. Electrical switches come in a huge variety, and the eshop has even more; it’s critical to know what makes each switch unique.

In other words, each switch has a special function, and by becoming familiar with those functions before purchasing a switch, consumers can better meet their needs. This article provides a comprehensive catalogue of electrical toggles.

Different Types Of Light Switches

Push Button Light Switch:

An “on” and “off” position is on a Legrand Eshop push-button light switch. It also has a round plastic or metal plate with a hole in the center that you push your finger through to turn it on. When pressed, an electrical current flows because the hole provides just enough clearance for the current to reach the other side. Electricity flows back into the switch via separate wires onto the outlet to complete its circuit.

Dimmer Switch

The purpose of a dimmer switch is obvious: to adjust the illumination level. There are many different situations in which a dimmer switch would be useful.

A common misconception is that dimmer switches reduce the voltage that reaches the bulb. The opposite is true. Electronic dimmer switches use a circuit to adjust the on-time of the connected light bulb. The Duty Cycle refers to this measurement. The ON/OFF ratio calculates the ratio between the frequency of the lights on and off periods.

A higher-duty cycle has the opposite effect from what a lower-duty cycle does, making the light brighter. In contrast to incandescent bulbs, fluorescent (compact or tube) and LED bulbs do not function properly with standard dimmer switches. It’s common to see a bell push switch on a front door, but you can use them anywhere! Bell push light switches provide a convenient and easy-to-use alternative to traditional light switches and elevator buttons.

Toggle Light Switch:

Toggle light switches are the simplest type of light switch, and they work by simply raising or lowering a lever. Toggle switches typically have two settings, “on” and “off.” It opens to allow current to flow through one set of wires and closes to prevent this. Closing it in the opposite direction reroutes the current to a new set of wires. Single-pole wiring systems are the norm in most residential and commercial spaces, making this switch type the most common.


In conclusion, anyone looking to upgrade or install a lighting system in their home or business would familiarise themselves with the various types of light switches currently on the market.

Choosing the right light switch from Legrand Eshop depends on its placement, purpose, and the desired aesthetic. Installing and maintaining your switch correctly is essential for its safety and longevity, regardless of your chosen type. Knowing the dp switch price will help you make a more informed purchasing decision.