6 Types of Electrical Switches

A switch is made to make or break the flow of connectivity in the electronic circuit. With so many electrical devices available in the market, it isn’t easy to know what makes one different from the other.

Every switch has its unique feature, and by understanding its characteristics, we can make a wise decision. It is essential to know which switches and sockets you need before purchasing them.

While you buy switches online, you should know the different types, they are:

1.Foot Switches

These are electrical devices used to control power in an electrical circuit with the help of foot pressure, often used on machines where the systems need their hand to maintain the work environment.

The main specifications include the number of pedals, voltage rating, modular switches and current ratings. They have the most use in hospitals and home offices.

2.Level Switches

These are devices used to detect the level of liquids, solids or powders. In some instances, they are used to actuate a device directly. Their main specifications include output type, voltage and current ratings.

Level switches are used in electrical sockets in the industries to monitor hopper and tank levels. They are also used in day to day applications.

3.Magnetic Switches

The closure mechanism operates by the absence or presence of a magnetic field. This might be used in a pump, alarm, or to read and write the water level present in the tanks.

Magnetic switches are usually made for high-security applications and client-server applications.

4.Limit Switches

These are mechanical devices made to sense motion and position and provide output signals to a controller. They are available in rugged enclosures best for harsh environments of a factory floor. Key specifications include current ratings, stream sockets and actuator type.

They are commonly used in consumer electronics and client programs like washing machines. In their raw form, they come to use in manufacturing facilities like paper plants and steel mills.

5.Pressure Switches

These are devices that are used to sense fluid pressure and send output signals to a controller. Main specifications include the pressure type; force accepts a connection, diaphragm material and maximum working pressure.

The primary function of pressure switches is to keep the pressure within limits in lubrication systems.

6.Wall Switches

They are hand-operated devices used in commercial and residential buildings mainly for lighting control, often used to control ceiling fans and other sockets connecting to the electrical systems. Key specifications include actuator type, device function, and other functions like fan speed control, dimmer or light control, and different home socket types.

Different decor or unique designs are available with many options to choose from, which perfectly suits your home and socket objects. Wall sockets have a plan that operates on line voltage and fits perfectly in electrical boxes.

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