Speciality of earrings

Earrings are something which used to make a girl or a woman beautiful. There are some specific ornaments which are common for all women. Without these a woman can never feel confident herself. Recently it has been noticed than an earring becomes a talk of the Town because one of the most popular characters of demon Slayer wore earrings which were altered from its original version. According to the reports it was changed to simplify the Chinese character.

Why demon slayer’s earrings were so controversial?

It was controversial because it resembles that significant shape which was used then when Japanese imperialism time was going on. It was found offensive by Koreans. It was clearly mentioned that the rule of a position of a flag which represents a country should not be changed at any cost. But it doesn’t mean that people start to hate the anime but it can be said that they should have knowledge that the earrings they use is stands for what. This was the time when Tanjiro earrings got the lime light.

Is it safe to wear demon slayer’s earrings? What kind of precaution you should take while going out?

Going out with this earrings is completely fine because the earrings which used in this anime was not the same when Japanese imperialism era was going on but this can make those Japanese angry as it can be proved as salt on the wound. These earrings are safe to wear publically when you are not going to visit China or Korea. In case you trapped in this kind of crucial situation that your earrings become a reason of violence then you should simply apologize Chinese and Koreans as well as you will put it off immediately.

What was the issue related to the slayer’s earrings?

Initially when the series were aired it was just look like an accessory to make a character immortal but soon it became a topic of debate and very soon it concerted into a controversy as its design was against the rules of a flag in which rising sun was shining up. 

What was the actual meaning of the earring which Tanjiro wore in the series?

It simply means that it was just an earring which was given to their children as processor. But it turned into a controversy as soon as the series telecasted. It became a matter of violence.