Gift for Candle Lovers and Lovers of Everything else  

These gift for candle lovers guides burns in every shape, size, scent, and taste!

What can you say, some people really love the idea of having candles around the house or at least have a massive collection at home. Whether for practical or purely decorative purposes, candles are really in the craze especially for the Christmas season.

You think you’re ready? Check out this list of gifts for candle lovers which cover from the funny, emo, food-based, foodish to the really outlandish ideas. The prices are way out of this world, too but for the candle lovers out there, sky’s the limit. The prices are on approximates by the way.

1.            Frozen Yogurt Candle from Amanda Chittenden

Who wants a candle that smells and looks like dessert? We do! Get these for $20.

2.            Flourishing Forest Candle from Brittney Durbin

A minimalist-looking candle with some faux gems put in, this is a delight not only to the nose but also your inner woodsy. Priced at $29.

  1. Longest Candle goes to…

60 Hour Candle will certainly be a thrifty favorite. Just roll it out once the candle burns itself out. It has an old Victorian vibe but it is super practical (just really heavy). Get it for $18 to $29.

  1. Terrarium Candle by Zoe Tang

It’s for you green thumbs and not so green thumbs out there.The cactus and poppy shaped candles can stand as a decorative piece and practical, too! Maybe you ought not to buy cause you can’t use it anyway? Price at $29.

Don’t forget your candlestand!

  1. Skunk and B.O. Scented Candles from Stinky Candle Co

We promised you weird so here it is! Any scent from nacho cheese to onion or stinky armpits, or the more tolerable pizza, Stinky Candle Co. got you covered! You can splurge this kickstarter gem at $12.

  1. Book-Scented!

Book lovers rejoice! While Kobo books and Amazon Kindle have at some point replaced the old paper books, you can rediscover their scent, vegan style. Have a smell from their scents of “old books” or “Hatter’s tea party” in soy wax. Hoorays start at $22.

  1. Pet Candles

Can you handle bones? These geometric animal shaped (cats, bird, deer, horse) candles are something, both inside and out. Check out their metallic skeleton as the candle melts. Super creepy yet strangely cute at $34.

  1. Uncommon goods’ candles

You’ve heard of pencils with seeds inside them, why not candles, too? These from uncommon goods smell and will become a garden in no time. Planting starts at $28.

  1. Ready to Eat!

Yes, you got that right. These babies from Let Them Eat Cake can be ingested after you blow them out. Sweet in dark or creamy milk chocolate, it’s a pack of three in one for $12.

These lists of gifts for candle lovers ideas can break the bank but hey, you have to admit: they all look cute. And you can even pair them with candle stands customized with heartfelt messages.

  1. 100% Pure Beeswax Candles from The Mohawk Valley Trading Company

100% pure beeswax candles from The Mohawk Valley Trading Company are hand poured, hand dipped and made with 100% cotton wicks and 100% pure, all natural, unbleached, yellow beeswax produced by their bees in the USA.