Macbook Air 15 Vs. Macbook Pro M2: A Head-To-Head Comparison

The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are two models with a powerful new M2 chip and greatly improved graphic performance. People frequently rely on Apple Premium Partners, like Maple, to get original and authentic products when shopping for a new Mac laptop. However, choosing between the MacBook Air 15 and MacBook Pro M2 can be challenging because they share more features than just the processor. 

Let us illuminate the comparison between these two models so that everyone can make an informed decision.

Macbook Air 15 Vs. Macbook Pro M2

Design And Build

The MacBook Air is renowned for its portability without compromising on style. It is impressively thin and lightweight, and its iconic wedge-shaped profile gives you enough reasons to choose it. On the other hand, the MacBook Pro M2 maintains the premium aluminum build, displaying durability and sophistication. 


The MacBook Air 15 has a 15.3-inch screen with a liquid retina display, whereas the MacBook Pro M2 has a 13.3-inch screen with a retina display. Both have bright and vibrant screens, but if you need a bigger display, you must go for the MacBook Air 15

Battery Life And Charger

Compared to a MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro M2 weighs five ounces more and has a thickness of four millimeters. That means it has extra space for a larger battery and active cooling. Its battery lasts two hours longer than the MacBook Air M2’s 52.6-watt-hour battery, at 58.2-watt-hour. Based on the research, it is estimated that the MacBook Pro can run on a single charge for up to 17 hours of internet browsing or 20 hours of Apple TV+ viewing. In comparison, the MacBook Air only lasts between 15 and 18 hours on the same tests. 

Talking about the power adapter, the MacBook Pro M2 comes standard with a 67-watt charger, whereas the MacBook Air M2 comes with the MagSafe 3 power adapter.

Keyboard And Trackpad

One of the standout features of the MacBook Pro M2 is its touch bar. It also has a backlit keyboard with 65 (US) or 66 (ISO) keys. Some users find the touch strip very useful, while others believe it is unnecessary. But, looking at the brighter side, this touch strip might offer you the right shortcut keys for the current app.   

The MacBook Air M2 has a backlit magic keyboard with 78 (US) and 79 (ISO) keys and no touch bar.

Both feature touch ID sensors, which facilitate unlocking and verifying the transaction.

Connectivity And Ports

The MacBook Pro M2 has two Thunderbolt and 4 USB ports that support charging, a DisplayPort, USB 4, USB 3.1 Gen 2, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. In addition to the MagSafe 3 charging port, the MacBook Air M2 has other similar ports.


One’s personal preferences will determine which of the MacBook Air 15 and MacBook Pro M2 to choose. Check out the available offers at Apple premium partners, such as Maple, and make an informed decision.