5 Fun Long Distance Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

What should you do for your girlfriend’s birthday if you can’t make it home to celebrate in person? It’s not an easy question, but we’re here to offer a few gift ideas that will keep your relationship thriving long-distance.

  1. Online Surprise

Many of us already spend a lot of our lives communicating with others via social media during this pandemic. Break out of your comfort zone and send her an e-card or, even better, a video message on social media. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, it just has to come from the heart. A simple “Happy Birthday!” will go a long way. You can also create an online scavenger hunt or challenge in which you give clues to something you’ve already prepared as part of your surprise gift.

  1. Coordinate With Friends and Family

If you’re not able to be there in person this year, enlist the help of your family and friends. Have your mom send a card or email. Make sure that your girlfriend knows you’re thinking about her on her special day, even if it’s from afar. 

You can also coordinate with a friend or family member to make sure she has a special meal prepared for her, bring her some gifts and take her on an outing.

  1. Try a Gift Basket Service

One of the best ways to bridge the distance between you and your girlfriend’s birthday is to get a gift basket. There are many different companies that will deliver gift baskets across the country. Whether it’s a gourmet basket or one with sweet treats and other delightful items, the thought behind it will surely warm her heart. 

Gift delivery service companies, such as Iamyoubox, offer unique gift baskets for all occasions. For example, you can personalize your girlfriend’s gift basket by telling them about her favourite things and designating a specific theme for the contents.

  1. Do Something Outside of Your Comfort Zone

If the distance is really getting to you, take a time out and do something completely different from what you normally do. For instance, if you’re a nature lover, grab your camera and go explore the great outdoors. If you’d rather spend time binge-watching your favourite Netflix shows, ask her to binge-watch with you thru share-screen features of social media apps. 

It’s just a matter of creativity to make your girlfriend feel special no matter how far away you are.

  1. Write a Personal Letter

You can never go wrong with expressing yourself in a handwritten letter. It helps that it sends the message that you’re taking the time to pen your thoughts down for her as well as giving it to her directly, with your hand. She’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness of receiving a handwritten card or letter, especially if it highlights how much you adore her. 

A long-distance relationship has its challenges, but it can also result in an even stronger bond between you and your girlfriend. So don’t give up on the possibility of being together. If you’re not able to be present on her birthday, prepare something special in advance. And make sure that she knows that you’ve thought about her on her special day, even if it’s from afar.